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Who We Are!

Who We Are!.

Words from The Heart

Words from The Heart.

Words from The Heart.

Lets go to the Opera By Stacey Glass.

Watch the throne

So I must create my own destiny! I am who I am because God made me that way and I must claim it… accept it. Dutchess Blue!! I love it!! Where did I get that name people ask. There are rumors of my uncle being the Great Duke Ellington….so I have started on a quest to find my roots. What a crazy idea this has become.

My Grandmother is so cute, at 84 and 339 days she claims almost every day that her mind has taken a trip, set out on a vacation, or is on a lunch break. But when I start to talk about her family and who was who, she can clearly remember. Then recalls a man who kept up with the family tree named AC that lived in California and would by her candy but she can’t remember who he is….heheeh. My weekly calls to her is always a hoot. At 84 she is still doing hair, she has been a hair dresser since the age of 18 and she seems to not want to give it up. I say keep doing it, my mother thinks otherwise, but I believe it’s keeping her alive!! She’s still feisty!!  She is loved by everybody!! Ida B. is what her sisters call her!!

But Duke is not on her side of the family, there is this grey area that I have yet to get to about my grandpa!! Grandpa Alfred Keys (Keyes). They were never married but in sometime they had a lovely love affair and had my mother. He was a loving man, always loved to go see him. His wife Ethel and their German Shepard Pepper. Very handsome man, but was an alchoholic…but a happy one from what I could tell. He used to pick me up from school, and in the glove box he would have a bag of red grapes for me and shiny flask for him. Mr. Jim Beam!! Back then I guess it was ok to drink and drive with small children in the ….but he did a good job obviously..Im still here!! When Mrs. Ethel died..which he loved with 99% of his heart along with his daughters (Mom and Aunt Angie) that 1% was a huge one when it came to Grammy Ida.  His eyes would light up when she walked in the door. We would visit him often and he was always so happy. Miss that guy……so when he died one of the Aunts…that i had just met was talking about the family history and had mentioned that somewhere down the line how we were related. …now my quest is to prove it true.

But if not whose to say I am not the Dutchess. …Now Blue where did that come from.

The doctor told my parents that they where having a they planned for it. My name was going to be Herman Glass III, my room was painted this bright baby boy blue, and when I came out the doctor was surprised to say its Girl!!! WHAT!!! …What would they call the little girl. Funny thing blue became my trade mark literally. I came out with blue birthmarks all over me as I grew I had febrial seziers when my temperature would get above 100 degrees and I would turn blue. …blue ribbons, blue uniforms, blue blue blue… Today my car is even blue and so is my hair!!! Why not make it a trade mark. Blue is me!! I have my blue moments of sadness, but it has made me a stronger person.

Dutchess Blue!!! The is the King of Spades, the Queen of Hearts, the Jack of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds, and Dutchess Blue!! ..I should have my own playing card!! 

I am destined…clothing line, make up line, jewelry line, handbags, cars, I can create whatever I want. Whoes to stop me…if its ment to be it WILL happen. I have done more things in my life i never dreamed of. God had Blessed in so many ways..there are days I know I have cried over things I shouldnt. To see all that has been great in my life ..I am in AWE!!!

Until wE MEET again!!!

Im a what they call Gorgeous!!!

I am loved and hated but always motivated!

I love hard, play hard, cry hard, and ….hard!!

As we enter the New Year we are celebrating the fact 2010 is over and a new unknown year is here with opportunities and prosperity in the horizon!! Success and promotion are in the mix with love and affection from the ones we love the most. We have a handful of friends and a significant other that we adore with the same feelings reciprocated! Double for our troubles,  money, love, friendship, opportunities!!

Who is Madame Dutchess Blue? She is you! Your soul that reigns over your life, your spirit, your mind and your body!! She is the one you love the most, you talk to her often! She is what you truly want to be! Yourself!! I am Dutchess Blue!! Am a Social Butterfly!! Who am I? Stacey Glass ❤ I love you!! Have a wonderful night and profitable New Year!! Blessings to you and yours!!