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Who We Are!

Who We Are!.

Words from The Heart

Words from The Heart.

Lets go to the Opera By Stacey Glass.

Watch the throne

Im a what they call Gorgeous!!!

I am loved and hated but always motivated!

I love hard, play hard, cry hard, and ….hard!!

As we enter the New Year we are celebrating the fact 2010 is over and a new unknown year is here with opportunities and prosperity in the horizon!! Success and promotion are in the mix with love and affection from the ones we love the most. We have a handful of friends and a significant other that we adore with the same feelings reciprocated! Double for our troubles,  money, love, friendship, opportunities!!

Who is Madame Dutchess Blue? She is you! Your soul that reigns over your life, your spirit, your mind and your body!! She is the one you love the most, you talk to her often! She is what you truly want to be! Yourself!! I am Dutchess Blue!! Am a Social Butterfly!! Who am I? Stacey Glass ❤ I love you!! Have a wonderful night and profitable New Year!! Blessings to you and yours!!