Dutchess Blue….

I believe I am cut from my own cloth, my goal is to deliver a personal yet stylish side to life. I loves people, animals, and shiny things!!! I truly have a passion for life… Never afraid to try new things, helping those in need, and hanging with the best of them helps me keep my star shining bright.

Owner and Creator of many ideas one of my latest adventures is :

Allure M.E. Inc. (Allure Marketing & Events, Inc.)…..Cute huh!!!

ALLURE M.E. Inc. : A team of lifestyle specialists offering a distinct talent in event planning and marketing to the inspired, fashionable, and stylish; providing creative services, personalized products, and rewarding results; bringing client’s vision to life; a sister team with over 10 years of experience in event planning, marketing, fashion, and design.

Specialties include: Wedding & Event planning, Marketing Research, Insight, and Design, Branding, Social Media & Networking, Consulting, and Lifestyle planning & organizing.

Dutchess Blue (Stacey Glass) has a MBA in Marketing and Entertainment Management and a BA in International Business. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri;  at an early age Stacey modeled and trained with one of the oldest modeling agencies in the country, still running today. Following in her mother’s footsteps, at the age of 16, she was invited to teach, at that same agency, poise classes and make-up. After graduating highschool, she then moved to Atlanta, GA to pursue a degree in design but instead finished with a BA in International Business.  After graduating from college she was invited back to the agency as the Studio/ Marketing Director; training models in poise, fashion, make-up, photography, and acting.

While in Atlanta, GA Stacey studied and worked with a variety of artist. In 2001 she was picked to be a model  on B.E.T.’s Comic View. In 2005, she was cast as an extra in the movie, The Gospel, staring Boris Kodjoe.  And throughout the years she has done P.R., Marketing, and Promotions for  people and brands throughout the county, like Crown Royal, Martel, Bishop Barbra King, Da Keepers, Dj Sabo, Diamond Nicole,Violet Rocker, TrevBetter, and Sommer Melody.

Also in 2002, she was called to do the makeup for a Baliwood TV pilot. Today she has an extensive background in doing Weddings, Photo shoots, and special events.  Recently she has done the makeup for a variety of music artist like Prissy Polet, Sky Hy, and Mamas Mustache. She is now a personal makeup artist to music artist, models, brides, and various celebrities. To them she is known as Dutchess Blue!!